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Joshua M. Siegel
Royalston, MA 01368
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Based in the United States, Siegel Saddlery specializes in full service English saddle fitting and repairs. Traditional techniques by Joshua M. Siegel, a trained and experienced Society of Master Saddlers Master Saddler and Qualified Fitter, ensure that repairs, fittings, and restorations are performed of the highest quality. Saddles and tack look beautiful and perform as intended due to our knowledge and use of appropriate quality materials. Siegel Saddlery works with you to provide prompt service and guarantees its work. We strive to make both the horse and rider satisified.
Josh Siegel Saddler owner of Siegel Saddlery. He does an outstanding job with all of our Trilogy repair work! He is also a Trilogy saddle fitter covering parts of MA, NH, VT and ME. No matter what he does - his work is fabulous!

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What Clients Say About Us

I felt compelled to share with you all an experience I just had with a saddle repair. I recently purchased a used Trilogy Amadeo dressage saddle which was about 6 yrs old. It had some minor fading around the skirt and needed new billets and flocking but the price was amazing so I couldn't pass it up as it is my dream saddle. I called Trilogy and they put me in touch with their saddler who does all of their warranty work out east. I was really wanting to find someone who could clean up the wear spots and maybe redye it and this guy can do it all. His name is Josh Siegel of Siegel Saddlery and is he amazing! I just received the saddle and I gotta say that it looks brand new!!! I have posted before and after photos in an album here titled 'M Fossey'. He reflocked it, fixed some stitching, redyed it and put new billets all for $300! I voiced concern about the dying and he assured me that there was no need to worry about dye coming off or rubbing on clothing. He uses products that don't bleed whatsoever. I can't even believe what a deal I got on the saddle tobegin with and now it is completely new! He works on any kind of saddles not just Trilogy's. If you have an old faded saddle that you love and want brought back to life then definitely contact this guy. His communication was excellent and his work was prompt, obviously pricing was excellent! You can find him on facebook under 'Siegel Saddlery' or via email at I am so happy I found him! It just didn't pay to buy an expensive saddle when I have a young horse and now I have one. He was a great find! 



Siegel Saddlery re-flocked and fitted my saddle, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Mr. Siegel was so helpful, and educated me about my old Pessoa saddle, my options, and the pros and cons of different materials and techniques. He was patient and very professional.
The result is a restoration that gives my saddle new life, and looks great! Best of all, my horse’s back is happy and healthy because my saddle fits perfectly!



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