Please contact us by phone, e-mail or on our contact form before you send a repair. When you contact us we can provide you a prompt time frame of when your repair will be finished, estimated costs and answer any questions you may have. Any repairs sent to us without notice and/or a complete Repair Form cannot be guaranteed to be performed in a timely manner and a service charge may apply. Thank you!

What to include/not to include:

1. Include your saddle

2. Do not include saddle covers, stirrup leather or any other accessories that are not getting repaired

3. Completed Siegel Saddlery Repair Form

Packing Materials:

Use crumpled up packing paper/newspaper or bubble wrap. Please do not pack your saddle in peanuts or any styrofoam. Place some packing material in the bottom of the box, place the saddle in a plastic bag, put the saddle in the box and then fill around the saddle with packing materials. Make sure box is taped shut tightly to prevent opening in transit.

Boxing your saddle:

Use a cardboard shipping box. You can find boxes at most office supply stores. The box should be around 16x16x26 to 18x18x26. Make sure the box is in good condition and has no damage.



Don't use USPS

(Insurance is recommended)

Where to send your saddle:

Siegel Saddlery

5 Park Street

Royalston, MA 01368

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